What Do Bill Gates, Einstein & Oprah All Have In Common?

What Do Bill Gates Einstein and Oprah All Have In Common

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.”

 — Peter Drucker

This content creation secret is the pathway for sustaining success as an entrepreneur.

I’ve been observing multiple coaching calls and conversations with entrepreneur friends that have surprised me.

And I’ve gathered an insight that I think you can gain tons of value from.

People tend to think they’re afraid of failure.

What if I told you that this isn’t entirely true?

In many cases, people are actually afraid of success…

This is the self-critical voice that’s been coined the “imposter syndrome.”

At the core, it questions your value…

  • “If I were successful… could I sustain it?”
  • “Am I worthy of success?”
  • “Could I keep it up?”

I became painstakingly aware of this voice when I started along the entrepreneurial path.

And as I began to build my business, I’d question my value constantly… maybe you do something similar.

I shouldn’t have been so judgmental about my results at the time. It would’ve been healthier to just see it as feedback for improvement.

But as we all know, it’s much easier said than done.

I’m going to share how you can be the type of entrepreneur who can sustain success… and share an approach that’ll help you overcome imposter syndrome.

And instead of relying on “luck” or a “hail mary” for success… you’ll systematically become the type of person who can sustain it.

Teach To Get Exponential Results

What if I told you the secret to growing your business online (and sustaining it) was found in your ability to teach?

And by teaching, I’m talking about your content creation!

This is an approach that people like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates used to get exponential results!

Though their approaches differed, they engaged in some form of teaching.

This will enable you to:

  • Increase your learning potential so that you can sustain success when it lands.
  • Learn how to create an ideal environment for selling your products/services.
  • Make a bigger impact.

Let’s dive deeper!

Be Prepared To Ride The Wave Of Opportunity

Ride The Wave Of Opportunity

Do you want to be the kind of entrepreneur who can sustain success when you get that big opportunity?

Recently I was reminded about the importance of “opportunities.”

This is a little personal, but it’s relevant for this piece of content.

Memories of my past “failed” relationships have been creeping up. And when I look back… at least one partner in the relationship was emotionally unavailable (sometimes both).

We weren’t prepared for the “relationship opportunity” in front of us.

Since we hadn’t become the type of people who could manage and healthily process our own emotions… we couldn’t sustain a successful relationship.

And we missed out.

Now I don’t condemn this younger version of myself. But it made me think about how important it is to start preparing for your big opportunity in all aspects of life… especially your business!

If you’re not prepared when a big opportunity arrives, then you’ll miss your shot.

Imagine catching this “wave of opportunity” and riding it towards your highest potential. This is when your business gets exciting!

Do you feel ready when that big opportunity lands?

Or are you haphazardly creating content hoping that it goes viral?

In other words, are you focusing on developing your skills or your popularity?

Ironically, when you focus on getting “better” you inevitably get “bigger.”

Enter The Explanation Effect For Content Creation Mastery

“When one teaches, two learn.” — Robert Heinlein

One of my favorite thought leaders is Michael Simmons. And after three years of research and more than 150 hours of research, he discovered a breakthrough mental model.

And he coined it the “Explanation Effect.” Check out his article here.

Many of the highest achievers on our planet use this mental model as a guiding principle for their work. Simmons mentions Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.

The main idea is that when you teach your knowledge to others, you elevate your own learning potential and amplify your development.

Why is this the case?

Well when you begin teaching your knowledge, you quickly become aware of the gaps in your thinking.

This helps you in a few ways:

  • It provides valuable insights.
  • It helps you earn at a much deeper level.
  • And it gives you more understanding at a much quicker pace.

If you observe some of the highest achievers on this planet… notice how often they teach. They view it as one of the highest leverage activities for sustainable success.

Teaching Is A “Future-Proof” Skill-set

And here’s your opportunity…

Your content creation process gives you the ability to teach your knowledge!

And when you have a process that also emphasizes marketing… this is how you can marry both business and personal growth together.

When we integrate content creation into our daily lives, we can increase our learning potential, build a strong audience, and make a much bigger impact in the world.

This model isn’t new. It’s actually been around for centuries and we’re just now waking up to its power.

For example, Aristotle regarded teaching as “the highest form of understanding.”

This is partially why I’m so passionate about teaching content creation.

Not only will it help you achieve your business goals… but it makes YOU better.

So when that big opportunity comes your way, you don’t have to rely on luck.

You’ve systematically developed yourself into the type of entrepreneur who can sustain success.

And this is why having a streamlined content creation process is so powerful.

How To Become The Type Of Entrepreneur Who Can Sustain Success

Again, one of the biggest blocks entrepreneurs have when growing their businesses is the imposter syndrome (or fear of success)!

And we can use our content creation process as a vehicle to overcome this.

To accomplish this, we’ll want to engage in “deliberate learning.”

Learning experts define this type of learning as codifying and articulating past experiences.

This is a fancy way of saying reflection.

The Biggest Deliberate Learning Mistake

When I went to college, the professors had us engage in lots of deliberate learning. Tons of assignments. Essays. Presentations.


From personal experience, many learning curriculums miss one of the most important variables.

Experiential learning.

For deliberate learning (or reflection) to be effective, it needs to be based on experience.

Just reading a few books and teaching will give you limited learning potential. It also lowers the quality of content being shared.

So when dialing in your content creation, here are a few questions to keep in mind:

  1. What’s my existing knowledge of the topic?
  2. What personal experience(s) are connected to this topic? This doesn’t have to be a grandiose experience… just a reference to how the topic works in reality.
  3. Can I share this with a relevant audience?

What piece of content are you creating next?

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