Colton Hicks
Hi there! I'm a Customer Success Professional whose mission is to boost client retention, amplify customer lifetime value, and help them reach maximum impact.

My 5+ years of experience lives at the intersection of customer success, digital marketing, and sales. This makes me a good fit as a CSM and Strategic Advisor:

• Relationship-building & consultative skills from being trained as a professional coach, working as an SDR, and supporting UC Berkeley Bootcamp students as a teaching assistant.

• Strong analytical skills after having worked 5+ years in digital marketing.

• High technical aptitude from working in a B2B SaaS company and using many SaaS platforms as a digital marketer.

• Efficiency and time management to perform in every previous role.

If you're interested in exploring how and if I'm a good fit for your Customer Success team, let's have a chat! 
Connect With Me:

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